"RockZEN" Mumluk: Yumurta kabuklarının sürdürülebilir bir tasarıma dönüşümü


Upon learning that the amount of eggshell waste produced annually equals that of plastic waste in the oceans, i was motivated to repurpose eggshells as a design element. 

The idea is to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle by creating functional and beautiful products from repurposed waste materials.  

By utilizing discarded eggshells to produce sustainable biomaterials for the candle holder designs, I aim to demonstrate the possibilities of eco-friendly design and reducing our ecological footprint.


When Waste Meets Design: A Sustainable Collaboration

“EGGSHELL” has been chosen as the biomaterial for the “RockZEN candle holder” design process because of its potential to reimagine waste as a design material, as well as its abundant supply, biodegradability, high calcium content, structural strength, and aesthetic appeal.


“RockZEN” is inspired by the forms of basalt rock, which i discovered during my visit to Iceland.  Basalt rocks formed from superheated magma and their unique shapes are due to columnar jointing, where lava cools into polygonal columns, often with a hexagonal shape.

Crafted with tradition from clay to candle holder

A handmade prototype is crafted from clay using traditional techniques reflecting a commitment to skilled craftsmanship. The prototype served as the foundation for every holder, as it is used to create a mold for efficient replication of the design using eggshells.


Caring for your home. Caring for the world.

Introducing RockZen Candle Holder - the perfect combination of natural beauty and functional design. Crafted from biomaterials derived from eggshells, RockZEN draws inspiration from the hexagonal structure of basalt rocks. Its name reflects the calming and peaceful qualities of both the natural world and the concept of zen.

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